Social Media Linking & Sharing

How do you add Facebook to your Live&Loud profile?

This is a very easy process and a useful tool for promoting your venue and events. The more content you have on your profile and contact with your followers, the further your networking reach will be and therefore will encourage more people to come to your venue.

Whether you are just signing up with a new profile or already have an active profile on the site, adding your social network pages works the same way:

  1. When navigating to your profile page you will see an ‘edit profile’ button on the top left. Click this to be taken through to the correct page.

  2. On the right hand side of the ‘edit profile’ page in the middle will be three boxes. These allow you to start linking your profile to different social network links.

  3. When clicking ‘Add Facebook account’ a screen appears asking you to either login to your personal account or, if you are already logged in, it will ask to receive your information.

  4. Click Okay to link your profile.

  5. Once you have successfully linked your account, it may open another ‘edit profile’ page. If this is the case simply close the window and refresh the page.

  6. Now on your ‘edit profile’ page you will see in the Facebook box a drop down saying ‘Select page’. This is where you can select your venue profile page and save.

If at any point the web page is not showing that you have added your Facebook account, please click the refresh button in the web browser to refresh the page and allow the information to catch up.

Should you, at any point, want to remove the Facebook profile or edit it please click the remove option in the Facebook box on your ‘edit profile’ page. This will remove your account. Should you want to link a completely different account you must make sure you have signed out of Facebook on the browser all together. Facebook is intuitive and will know if you are logged in on the computer and will therefore try to link you to your previous account.

How to share your event on Facebook

There are two ways to achieve this through your Live&Loud profile:

  1. Accepting a request

When an artist requests to play at your event you have the following two options: accept or ignore. When clicking ‘accept’ an alert box will appear asking if you are sure you want to accept the request.

Once you have officially accepted the request, a pop-up will appear with the option of sharing it on a specific Facebook page. Before posting it make sure it will be sent to the correct Facebook page. On the top left corner of the box is a drop down menu ‘Share on your own Timeline’. Select ‘Share on a Page you manage’, this will give you the option of which page to choose from.

Once you have clicked ‘Post to Facebook’ it will be sent to the page you selected for all your followers to see.

  1. Sharing through the event page

At any point during the booking process you are able to share and promote through Facebook. Sign in to your account and view the ‘bookings’ tab. Here you will see all of your open and booked events. Click through to the chosen event and at the top right of the event page will be the box saying ‘Share event’. Then you simply press the butting ‘Share’.

You will now be able to follow the same process as above, making sure to select the correct Facebook page to send the post to.

Remember - you can share a booked event as often as you choose to increase awareness of the gig.

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