How To Book, Market & Run the Event

Who to book?

  • It may be difficult sometimes to work out which act is best for your event. Our advice is simple...

  • BPP – Book, Promote, Produce.

Depending on the type of night you are putting on, we advise to book acts that have the following:

  • Acts that fit with your Target Audience & Venue - guarantees your night will be a success for your regular customers.

  • Strong Social Media presence - gives you a sense of their personality and style of performance.

  • An Online Following  - it’s helpful to know the level of fan engagement if you’re looking for the artist to bring a crowd

  • Acts willing to support the show - they would normally engage and share the event with their fans through social media and should be encouraged to do so.

When booking your acts consider what type of event you are planning to host, what day of the week it is and what age range and musical taste your audience might have. Taking all of this into consideration you are more likely to have a successful night and please your customers therefore encouraging them to come again.

How to promote & market your event

Who’s your target audience?

  • Don’t just go booking any old random artists, chose a band or solo act that works for your venue and most of all… your target demographic; whether you’re keeping the regulars happy or looking for new customers...

What’s your selling point?

  • Does your event have a USP “Unique Selling Point”?

  • Is it one of the following: A unique Venue, Drink Deals, the particular Artist, themed night? Or is the food so damn good…?

  • When you’ve decided this, work it into your promotion to entice people through the door.

Live&Loud posters

When creating your event on your L&L profile you will be shown a ‘print poster’ button. Here you will have a choice of Live&Loud poster designs that will be automatically generated with your event details and an image of the headline act along with any special promotions you’d like to announce.

Event Information:

  1. Venue – Address / Date / Times – Always make sure this is clear, the last thing you want is somebody arriving a day early!

  2. Artists & Show information I.e. General background to the acts playing, other promotional offers and you could also include details about food and drink available to customers.

  3. Pictures – use engaging media content to establish the venue and style of night to be expected.

Marketing Content

  • Images such as: Venue / Artists / Drinks & Food

  • Videos: YouTube interview with the artist/Soundcloud clips

  • Interviews: Previous interviews that the acts have done with publications are a good way of the general public having an insight to the artist's background and current movements. If this is not possible interview the acts yourself! Send them an email or give them a ring, musicians are always happy to help out if it means more promotion.

  • Features: Let your customers know about up and coming releases, press cuttings and show news. This can easily be shared on social network platforms and keep them engaged and wanting to return.

What to consider when actually running the event

Venue:  Stage Set up, Bar, Sound, Sound Check, Guest List, Staff, visibility to audience

Technical setup:  Highlight Tech Set up (what the band require in terms of equipment and what instrument they will be using), Engineer, Bands Tech Rider

Team Management:  Which member of staff is doing what: Social Media updates, Bar Manager, Artist Liaison, Door Staff, etc

Artists Liaison:  - with each live event you do appoint an Artist Liaison, the role of this person should be looking after the acts from start to finish. Roles include, hospitality with each acts, dealing with demands of each band such as tech set up and commutation between various people. Making sure they on stage on time and finish on time and finally making sure the act get paid and leave the venue safely.

Live Social Updates: Live Event updates through social platforms to fans and followers who may not be able to get to the show, this is a great post show PR exercise and get people interacting and wanting to come to the next show.

Twitter / Instagram / Facebook.

And remember to enjoy yourself! Live music is great fun and perfect for a variety of situations and events. There are always people happy to share their music and listen to others and are usually happy to help if you ask!

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