Getting Started

Where to log in and how?

Follow the link to the Live&Loud homepage: Once you are on the homepage you will see a ‘Sign in/Sign up’ button on the top right hand corner. Click that button and fill in the details given to you by the Live&Loud team. If you have any trouble with this please contact us at or call us on 0207 739 0110.

What do I do once I have logged in?

Edit your profile details by clicking through to your profile on the top banner of the screen. Make sure all your venues details are correct, including your location and your venue description. The more people know about your venue  the more likely they are to send a request!

If you get stuck click on the image at the top right hand corner of the page, on the right of the search box, and navigate from there.

What will my profile look like and how do I edit it?

Once you are in the ‘Edit profile’ section fill in all the details:

  • Please enter your full address and save. You will need to do this before you can save any other details.

  • Make sure to include lots of photos so people have a good sense of what your venue looks like and how sound will work inside.

  • Make sure to have your full venue name displayed.

  • Include as much detail as you can in the description of your venue so artists know what to expect.

  • Your technical specifications need to include everything you have available for the artists. PA systems, leads, amps, sound desks, lights etc.

  • The genres you choose define the type of venue you are. You can choose as many genres as you like, but if there are certain styles that you don’t tend to play or don’t have the space for, you can be specific about this.

  • Social network links are an important part of any business today. By having links to your pages on your profile you enable people to promote the gigs they play with you to their friends and followers. It also helps you to promote your own events, share links and bring people down.

  • Adding your full address will allow our inbuilt map to show your location so that all your booked acts will find your venue easily.

  • Remember to save everything.

Adding your Facebook profile

This is a very easy process and a useful tool for promoting your venue and events.

  1. When navigating to your profile page you will see an ‘edit profile’ button on the top left. Click this to be taken through to the correct page.

  2. On the right hand side of the ‘edit profile’ page in the middle will be three boxes. These allow you to start linking your profile to different social network links.

  3. The more content you have on your profile and contact with your followers, the further your networking reach will be and therefore will encourage more people to come to your venue.

  4. This point focuses on linking a Facebook page, but the process is similar with all above options.

  5. When clicking ‘Add Facebook account’ a screen will appear.

  6. It will ask you to either login to your personal Facebook account or if you are already logged in, it will ask to receive the following information, this is correct. Click ok to link your profile and move to the next step.

  7. Once you have successfully linked your account, it may open up another ‘edit profile page’. If this is the case simply close the window, click the refresh button at the top of the web browser and refer back to the the Facebook box.

  8. The Facebook box will now show a drop down option. Select your venue profile page and save.

If at any point the web page is not showing that you have added your Facebook account, please click the refresh button in the web browser to refresh the page and allow the information to catch up.

How do I create a new event?

Once you’ve edited and saved your profile you can go to the ‘bookings’ page, which can be located at the top of the screen. Here you will find the ‘+ new slot’ button. This can also be found on your profile page next to the ‘open slots’ category and now you can start creating your events.

On this page you can also view your open, booked and past events. You can view all sent and received messages and manage all your bookings from here. All events can be updated and edited at any time.

When you create your first event a calendar option will appear. This will allow you to organise and view all your open and booked events in one place and keep the booking process clear and organised. You can also sync your Live&Loud calendar with iCal and Google Calendar.

You can book as far in advance as you like but, we would advise that if you do create events more than a month in the future then confirm your artists early on. They may apply for your event when it is created and if left too long will no longer be available.

Creating your event is easy!

  • Follow the step by step process on the ‘Create new event’ page to complete your listing.

  • Event name - when creating this keep it punchy, short and descriptive. If people know straight away what you are looking for it keeps the applications much more specific to the event. I.e. Saturday night Blues at The Enterprise.

  • Event description - this needs to contain as much detail as you can offer the artists to keep the booking process simple. Include arrival times, expenses details, a description of the night, the style and most importantly encourage your acts to get excited about coming to play!

  • Event timings - it’s important to have a clear start time for your event so there is no confusion. Make sure to discuss this with the act.

  • The fine details -

    • The number of slots represent the number of acts you have in one night. If you decide to have a variety of performances you can create an individual slot for them under one event.

    • Repeating the event weekly is a good way of making sure you customers know what nights you do events and what to expect. It also saves the time of having to recreate the event every week.

    • PA - if you have a PA it is important to state this as most artists won’t have a PA of their own. With a PA you encourage a wider variety of artists to play and does not limit you to who you can book.

    • Artist fee agreement - this is completely up to your discretion. We have a variety of suggestions for different types of events and bands. Please get in contact for more detail.

  • Categories - It is good to be clear about what event you are hosting and what kind of act you require and what genres of music you would like at the event.

Now add your event to your social media platforms…

  • Social media is an important part of promotion and event awareness. Most music fans use these platforms to find gigs, invite friends, family and fans and build awareness of their music and events.

  • To make your event a success it is important to remind people that it is going on, when and where it is and what they can expect to see on the night. Like any form of promotion you want to get the word out there and encourage people to come and watch, the easiest way to do this is through Facebook and Twitter.

  • This allows you to connect with people who know your venue and are likely to give a positive response to your invitations. This is also a good way of growing your venue fan base.

  • On your event page there is a ‘share’ button on the top right which will directly post your event onto your Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • You can also use the ‘print poster’ option to create a poster and print off so you can promote your event at your venue.

How do I manage my bookings?

Open events

These are the event slots you have not filled yet.

  • This page shows the events you have coming up in a list.

  • You are able to view the number of incoming and outgoing requests for each event under ‘requests’.

  • You can see the different actions to take when managing your bookings.

    • Accept or ignore the artist.

    • The artist cancelled their request.

Booked events

These are the slots you have accepted requests for.

  • This page shows you what event is booked and how many slots you have filled.

  • The ‘print poster’ button is a promotional tool - it creates a poster for your event which you can share on your social network platforms, print off and post around your venue or in the local area.

  • You can also edit or cancel your events at anytime; booked artists are automatically made aware of any changes but we recommend that you contact them as well. If you cancel it reduces the chances of those artists applying to play at your venue again.

How do I search for Artists?

At the top of the screen you will find the listings of both artists and venues. When searching for artists you can make it easier to find what you are looking for by choosing a specific location, genre of music and what category of artist you are looking for.

There are ever growing numbers of great musicians ready to play at your venue, so when you have 10 minutes do take some time to look through the acts. Often this is when you will find a whole selection of people you would like to book at your venue.

How do artists find and view events?

At the top of the screen is an ‘Events’ button. Click through and you will be taken to the page on the right.

Artists can search all events by location, genre and category. This is one way the artists in your local area will find events that are suitable for them.

We also send out a weekly email with the most recent events which all artists receive and can click through to view all events. These events received by email are chosen by the most recent listing and their genre and location relevant to the artist.

Happy gigging!

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